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About the Position, and the Park District:

 The Naperville Park District is an independent municipal agency that manages and operates the parks and recreations facilities in Naperville, as well as managing the activities offered at these facilities.  These facilities include parks, golf courses, and the Fort Hill Activity Center.  The Park District is governed by 7 Commissioners elected to 4-year terms.

I am running for a Commissioner's position in the April 4, 2023 election.  The top three vote-getters in this election are chosen as Commissioner.

Why I am Running

I want to serve the people of Naperville, and deliver the best services for the lowest possible cost in tax dollars.  I want to continue the sound management of the Park District's budget and operations.  I will be the people's voice on the Board of Commissioners, and be open to everyone's input and suggestions.  Click on the links above for more details on my positions.

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About Me

I have lived in Naperville since 2008.  I am married and have two small children in School District 203.   I am presently Chairman of the Naperville Historic Commission and have served on this Commission for 8 years..  

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Friends of Chris Jacks: 

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